Breast Enlargement Cream

Breast enlargement cream is regarded as the most natural and non-invasive path to increase cup size. The power to enlarge breasts and make them more firm comes from the herbal ingredients that have been expertly selected to make this type of product. These include sabal, damiana, dong quai, blessed thistle, kava, dandelion root, oat bran and wild yam. These natural herbs work wonders on producing higher levels of oestrogen, the female hormone required to allow increase of cup size again.

What Manufacturers Say

The manufacturers claim that breast enlargement cream can increase the breasts by several cups and ensure women achieve firmer and fuller breasts with firmer tissue. This is great news for mothers who may have lost some breast volume due to recent pregnancy. They can use this type of product to correct matters and replace lost confidence. The cream helps to promote the growth of breast tissue by balancing your oestrogen levels. It can also ensure your breast have a healthy appearance, most women would welcome that when they glance in the mirror.

Application and Results

The application is quite straight forward, twice a day regularly. Its recommended that you use this type of product for 3 – 6 months. In which time you should witness the maximum effect. Just remember like with all products results may vary. Ladies with small breasts may find it takes a little longer to see positive results. The makers state that in most normal circumstances, you expect to see positive change within 4 weeks, that’s pretty quick!

Speed up results by combining pills and exercise

It’s been argued that the cream alone may be a slower process. You could speed up results by combining pills and certain exercise routines. Working the chest area in the gym in a series of chest firmer exercises can certainly help your cause. There may be a slight side effects issue with use of the cream but that has never been confirmed. In the main the ingredients have been clinically tested to ensure they are suitable for most users.

Check Ingredients

As there are various breast enlargement creams available and different ingredients are used to make these products, it is best to check ingredients for allergies. If you suffer any under lying health issues and feel maybe some natural herbs could have an adverse effect then check with your GP or medical practitioner.


Top selling breast enlargement cream manufacturers normally offer long money back guarantees. This means that you may use the product for at least a month before deciding it did not work and still get a full refund. This guarantee ensures, the company is highly reputable, is customer focused and wants to deliver good effective results.

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